New molecular target for treating neurodegenerative diseases

“New research out of the U.S. holds out the hope of a superhuman assist for failing memories — and a badly-needed new therapy for Alzheimer’s patients…” Hilary Roberts, Postmedia News

Popular science article: Discovery could lead memory-enhancing pill out of realm of science fiction. Vancouver Sun.

Primary research article in Cell: Suppression of PKR Promotes Network Excitability and Enhanced Cognition by Interferon-γ-Mediated Disinhibition 2011. Ping Jun Zhu, Wei Huang, Djanenkhodja Kalikulov, Jong W. Yoo, Andon N. Placzek, Loredana Stoica, Hongyi Zhou, John C. Bell, Michael J. Friedlander, Krešimir Krnjević, Jeffrey L. Noebels, Mauro Costa-Mattioli. Cell 147(6): 1384-1396


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