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UMBC and the future of science education in America



Increasing Minorities in Science

An article in Science Insider: New Answers for Increasing Minorities in Science

“For decades, the conventional wisdom was that increasing the number of minority scientists requires addressing every aspect of the pipeline—from elementary school through hiring and promoting faculty members. That’s still true, says a new report out today from the National Academies—but one approach stands out above the rest. The fastest way to train more minority scientists in scientific and technical fields, it says, is simply to improve the retention and completion rates of undergraduate students already interested in the natural sciences and engineering…”

Merit Progam for Emerging Scholars

The Merit Program for Emerging Scholars has been my favorite educational experience so far. It is a challenging program for high-achieving undergraduate students with high potential who are considering careers in science. The program especially encourages the participation of students who are ethnic minorities, women, or students from small high schools, all of whom tend to be underrepresented in the areas of science, mathematics and engineering. I taught in the Merit Program in Integrative Biology. It is a national program – check it out for your school!

University of Oregon’s SPUR Program

The University of Oregon’s Summer Program for Undergraduate Research is a world-renowned educational experience. Students often feel that it permanently changes their life-course, giving them an accurate idea of what it’s like “in the trenches” of cutting-edge research. This summer 2011 SPUR received over 780 applications from all over the world, making it challenging for faculty to choose among many excellent candidates to fill its 20 spots. Check it out here.